Community planning Utopia

Garden city vs Radiant city

Garden city:

  • The Garden city offers the best style of living  which is a combination of town and country life.
  • The concept of designing a Garden City is to produce economically independent.
  • The Garden City principles were influenced by the colonial capitals during the 20th century.
  • Garden City would house 32000 people on a site of 6000 acres.
  • The problem with the Garden City would be the pollution and overcrowding.
  • The designer was Ebenezer Howard.


Radiant city:

  • The “Radiant City” is also referred to as “The Towers in The Park”.
  • It had a huge impact on the city planning during the 20th century.
  • Radiant city was supposed to solve the problem of the lower class slums.
  • Everything in Radiant cities is designed to be far away from the roads which could make some problems.
  • Radiant City is defined as a city in which people could be densely housed in stacked urban apartments.
  • The designer was Le Corbusier.



Unlike Garden cities, Radiant cities would be built on plain grounds of an existent city, and the whole city will be suspended above the ground with steels.

In my opinion, the Radiant city was a failure, as the planning could never be really used to design a city. In the other hand, Garden city succeeded as the plan was used, and there are now Garden cities in the Us, and other parts of the world where people are living in.

I personally prefer to live in a Garden city. The Garden Cities would offer a better and more guaranteed life in many aspects.


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