Historic houses of charlottetown

The 20th century houses in Charlottetown

Shed style:

IMG_4266 74, Goodwill Avenue

This is a example of shed style, because of its wooden surfaces and its distinctive roofline.


IMG_425729, Johnson Avenue

This house is a example of the craftsman Because of its front porch, and the panned door, and also the windows.

Tudor Style:

IMG_429511, Churchill Avenue

This house is an example of a tudor style house because of its pitched roofs, brickwork, and stucco wall cladding.

Colonial Revival:

IMG_428310, Ambrose street

This two stories house, with its columned porch and the dentils under the eaves, makes it a great example of Colonial Revival house.

Chateauesque style:

IMG_2704Edinburgh Avenue

Contemporary: IMG_4303

74, Maplewood crescent

This house a good example of the contemporary style because of its gabled roof, wooden exterior, and little exterior decoration like shutters.

Pririe Style:


21, Ambrose street

This house is an example of Prairie style because of its low pitched roof, overhanging eaves and horizontal lines.

Ranch Style


Edinburgh Avenue

This is a great example of Ranch style because its one floor and has a gable roof

Split level

24 24, Westwood crescent

This is a split level house because of the half top half bottom.


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