Housing around the world

Japan has many modern and traditional housing styles. there are the single family detached houses and the multiple-unit buildings. additional kinds of housing especially for unmarried people, would be the boarding houses (which are very popular between college and university students), and barracks. houses in Japan have a limited life span and are usually rebuilt after a few years, generally twenty years for wooden houses and thirty years for concrete buildings.

Traditional house:
traditional house

Typical modern houses:

Boarding houses:

boarding houses

The typical traditional houses in Japan, don’t have a designated room for each part of the houses, except for the kitchen, bathroom and the entrance are. any of the rooms in the buildings could be a living room, a bedroom, or be used for any other room.This is because all the necessary furniture is portable, being stored in oshiire, a small section of the house (large closets) used for storage. One of the characteristics for the Japanese houses is the genkan which is the entryway. it is small entrance area at the same level as the outside, where guests could take their shoes off when they arrive. all the other rooms and areas are at a raised level of this floor.





The toilet is not usually combined with the bathrooms in the Japanese houses. however many of the inexpensive and small apartments which only have one room use what is called a uni-bathroom in which the toilet is located in a smaller area of the room and both the bath and the toilet are in a different unit.



The Japanese kitchen usually  have such appliances as a stove, a narrow fish grill and a refrigerator. Most kitchens have electric exhaust fans. Furnishings commonly include microwave ovens, hot water boilers, and electric toaster ovens. Built-in dishwashers. are rare, although some kitchens may have small dishwashers or dishdryers.



Most of the homes include at least on traditional Japanese kind of room which is called Washitsu. The room usually seperates with the sliding window-doors from the other rooms. This room might not be furnished and could be considered as the family room in the daytime. The Washitsus might also have a sliding door which opens into a balcony



Floor plan:

floor plangif
house model:

japanese house


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