Typical PEI home

Prince Edward Island is one of the Eastern Canada’s provinces, therefore the weather on the island is cold most of the time. There’s a lot of rain all around the year and heavy snow storms during the winter time, so PEI’s typical houses should be built considering the weather conditions and should be warm enough to be a place to live during the winter time. As there is a lot of forests and wood in hand, the houses are all wooden and there is no constructional materials such as cement or beams. Many of the people, live at the countryside, and the houses out there, are located on big lands and farms. A lot of the houses are pretty old and have around 100 years antiquity.
The typical houses that people live on today, are the as the same style as the old ones and are very similar to houses on the other provinces. The houses usually contain many parts; such as kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and etc. The main part in each house would be the kitchen which is always located at the main floor. then there should be a place to eat (dinning room) which could be the kitchen or a separate room. The living room for most of the typical houses. In case of the two story houses, there might also be a bathroom downstairs for the guests. If the houses are duplex, the bedrooms, and a bathroom would be at the second floor. most of the houses have two or three bedrooms which is a place to rest and at least a bathroom. There also is a garage where people can put their car and also use it as a storage.

Here are some pictures of a typical PEI house;

da house

The Kitchen:


The living room:

living room

The Bedroom:


The bathroom:


The garage:



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